Debt Ceiling Bill Debated by Responsible Adults or Spoiled Children?

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Over the past several weeks the debt ceiling debate heated up in Washington. Unfortunately millions of American voters are disgusted by the dysfunctional manner in which their elected officials and government agencies operated during the debates and negotiations.

While yesterday elected officials celebrated the passing of the debt level extension bill by the House, today, by the Senate, a new CNN/ORC International Poll shows that only 44 percent of Americans approve of the deal and that 52 percent disapprove.

According to the Monday CNN survey, Republicans are unhappy that the deal raises the debt ceiling through 2013, beyond the 2012 presidential election cycle, while Democrats dislike the lack of any tax increases on businesses or higher-income Americans, many who use generous tax exemptions to avoid paying taxes on millions of dollars of income.

New CNN Survey Shows American Voters Bitterly Unhappy With Elected Officials

The survey shows that Americans are extremely frustrated, even disgusted, with the way their elected officials acted throughout the debt ceiling debates. The CNN/ORC survey showed that a mere 17 percent of Americans believe that their elected officials behaved like “responsible adults” while 77 percent believe they have acted like “spoiled children.” The majority of Americans were unhappy with their President, members of Congress, and appointed officials like Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury.

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-North Dakota, said Tuesday, “We need to think about why are we really here. We’re here to solve problems. We’re not here to worry about the next election, and unfortunately there’s too much focus on pure partisan politics and not enough focus on solving problems confronting the country.”

Americans were especially put off by the political kabuki theater that the nation was subjected to as our elected officials went through their political rituals to scare senior citizens, active-duty and retired military, disabled Americans, the unemployed, and small businesspeople. They were lead to believe that on August 2, 2011 the funds and services coming from the government that are crucial to their very existence may suddenly end.

Once the final act of the kabuki political theater was over, the passing of the debt ceiling extension bill by the House and Senate, the posturing and self-congratulatory actions of the elected officials were disgraceful. Many Americans are disgusted by the process as they realize that the deal accomplishes nothing in solving America’s long-term debt problem.

Debt Ceiling Bill Only Kicks the Debt IED Slightly Down the Road

In fact, given recent statements by the debt rating services, such as Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, the bill as signed by President Obama may not even prevent the reduction of America’s present AAA debt rating. Without elected officials addressing the level of America’s debts and taking immediate action to not only slow increases but to actually decrease the debt level the next financial crises is probably only a few weeks, or at best, a few months away.

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