December 21, 2012 Doomsday: Dark Comet Strike the Most Likely Apocalyptic Event

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December 21, 2012 is the day that the world will meet its end, according to those who believe reports about the Mayan calendar ending on this date. However, scientists and other experts are working hard to allay fears of the apocalypse taking place on Friday.

Experts have denied that a rogue planet will collide with the Earth or that the planet will be sucked into a black hole, and of course any talk of a zombie apocalypse is probably wishful thinking on the part of fans of The Walking Dead.

But according to the Daily Mail, one expert believes that there is one apocalyptic event that could take place on the Mayan doomsday date—a dark comet could collide with Earth.

Astrophysicist Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell points out that dark comets are very hard to spot because they aren’t as icy as regular comets. They’re also covered with dust, which makes them hard to spot against the backdrop of space. A dark comet strike wouldn’t wipe out all life on the planet, but it would throw up dust that would block the sun. This would lead to plants, animals, and people slowly dying off due to starvation. So mankind would be a lot better off if a zombie apocalypse was its biggest threat.

However, just because a dark comet could collide with Earth, this doesn’t mean that it will happen on December 21, 2012. Many experts have pointed out that the Mayan calendar doesn’t actually predict that the world will end on this date, anyway—it’s just been misinterpreted.

But perhaps Hollywood needs to take note. If the world doesn’t end on Friday, maybe it’s time to quit casting asteroids as the bad guys in apocalyptic movies.

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