December 21, 2012: Get Ready for a Cosmic Lunar Collision–Seriously

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As December 21, 2012 rapidly approaches, a bizarre coincidence is set to occur, albeit four days prematurely. Twin NASA satellites, Ebb and Flow, will definitely crash into the moon. But it’s supposedly O.K. since NASA planned it that way. So everyone can relax. Or not. Could the planned lunar collision set to occur on December 17 actually be the event that will accidentally kick start the Apocalypse?

According to NASA, that’s patently impossible. Ebb and Flow have been up there for quite a while, orbiting the lunar surface on “a 15-month mission to map the gravity signature of Earth’s nearest neighbor.” Last week NASA scientists set them to crash land at the moon’s north pole. Earthlings who are expecting a lunar light show, blinding flashes, or anything else approaching heavenly fireworks will be deeply disappointed. According to NASA, Ebb and Flow are the size of a washer and dryer, and they’re carrying empty fuel tanks. The spacecrafts, which were launched in September, 2011, are expected to hit the moon’s north pole crater, traveling at “3,760 miles-per-hour 20 seconds apart at 5:28 p.m.” According to NASA, they will not survive the crash. In other words, they’ll be blown to smithereens.

So, there you have it. Leave it to NASA to time the satellites’ lunar crash landing just four days before the so-called Mayan Apocalypse of December 21, 2012 when everybody is already suffering from the heebie-jeebies. Was it deliberate?

Note: Once upon a time–circa 2002–Hollywood rebooted a 1960s science fiction movie called The Time Machine which was based on the novel by H.G. Wells. In the remake, the end of life on Earth as everyone knew it began with a space mission gone horribly wrong. As a result, the moon imploded, and part of it actually hurtled earthward changing the course of human life on the planet forever after.


Stay tuned.

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