December 21, 2012: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars Make Big Bucks with Doomsday Specials

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As December 21, 2012 grows inexorably nearer, some people are not only unconcerned but they’re getting richer from all the gloom and doom surrounding the supposedly fateful date. American hotels, restaurants, and night clubs are making big bucks by offering doomsday specials. Apparently, some people are adopting an attitude of: “If the end is inevitable, why not go out with a bang?”

According to Latinos Post, some people are not only unafraid of the approaching Mayan Apocalypse, they’re determined to get rich from it. San Diego’s Keating Hotel, for example, has put together something called the “End of the World” package that features “a last meal and fitness classes for outrunning zombies.” It’s price? $666. So far, fifteen packages have been sold. But what if December 21, 2012 comes and goes uneventfully? Well, the Heating Hotel has an answer to that, too. They’re also offering “a post-doomsday special.” Talk about covering all the bases!

In Denver, the Curtis hotel offers a “Party Like There’s No-To-Maya” package for a whopping $12,021. It includes “an entire floor rental, with anti-radiation tablets, freeze-dried food and gas masks.” So far there’ve been no takers.

Even the restaurant chains are getting in on the act. T.G.I Friday’s is promoting “Last Friday celebrations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Washington D.C.” The celebrations offer a special “End of the World Menu” featuring “a Mayan Margarita, the Last First Bite appetizer, the Rib-Eye to End All Rib-Eyes entree and the Final Countdown dessert (Whiskey Cake).”

Good grief.

And not to be outdone, Carl’s Jr. has created a special menu for the Apocalypse. Their last meal features three special burgers with the catchy phrase: “If it’s not the end of the world, then it’s definitely the end of your hunger.” The special doomsday burgers are cleverly named “#burgergeddon #baconpocalypse #cheesetastrope,” and they’re also known as 12/12/12 burgers. Each one consists of “12 burger patties, 12 slices of cheese, and 12 bacon strips.” Yuck. With all that animal fat, sodium, empty carbohydrates, and dairy, even if the Apocalypse doesn’t occur, diners can just wait a while and they’ll die of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and other obesity-related ailments.

Anyway, there you have it. Will you be partying on Apocalypse Eve? Or will you be cowering under your bed hiding from zombies?

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