Decorah Eagle Cam—A Look Inside ‘Mission Control’ (Video)

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The Decorah Eagle Cam and Ustream Live for these birds are housed inside “mission control,” the nuts and bolts on how video of the Iowa bald eagles is possible. The Raptor Resource Project has provided a rare peek inside.


It sits on a sprawling expanse of land near a fish hatchery. It’s no different from any other barnyard or storage building in America’s heartland—only this is where the excitement from the Iowa bald eagles is streamed.

“Mission control” is where Bob Anderson and his crew operate in stealth mode, panning cameras, streaming data, and getting hooked on a family of birds, as the rest of the world is.

Amid a menagerie of cords, wires, monitors, CPU’s, and a joystick, Anderson helms the Decorah Eagle Cam for the entire world to see. What initially began as a round-the-clock vigil has now subsided to several hours behind the wheel.

Anderson gingerly walks works around the kaleidoscope of wires to capture every moment in the lives of the five eagles that nest 80-feet up high in a cottonwood tree.

The effort to live stream video of the birds with the Decorah Eagle Cam consists of a nationwide tag team of individuals.

For instance, the shed where “mission control” is housed is owned by Willard and Mary Ann Holthaus, the cottonwood tree is on their neighborÂ’s property, and the fish hatchery has joined the effort (and is a daily buffet for the bald eagles).

As Executive Director of the Raptor Resource Project (RRP) Anderson keeps things moving along by keeping the 30M+, viewers engaged with education and an option for stress relief from the outside. After all, watching the raptors is less than the cost of a shrink.

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Watch live footage of the Decorah Eagle Cam in action:

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