Decorah Eagle Cam Ustream: Bald Eagles Meaning to You? (Live Stream)

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Has the Decorah Eagle Cam Ustream live feed of the bald eagles in Iowa done something positive for you? What is it about bird watching of these precious animals that beckons the world to watch them for hours on end?


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As of the date of this writing, the numbers far exceed 30 million viewers that have tuned in daily, watching the family of five bald eagles in Decorah, Iowa. The fascination began from a video showing the birth of an eagle (E1).

However, from that moment, something took place that can only be explained by the person taking a glimpse into the lives of the birds of prey.

From a recent telephone interview with Bob Anderson, Executive Director of the Raptor Resource Project (RRP), even he was taken by surprise at the enormous amount of consistent interest in the Decorah Eagle Cam Ustream footage.

Anderson points out that eagle cams are nothing new. In fact, there are a number of other raptors or birds of prey that have been viewed for several years.

However, there is a vast increase in the amount of bird watchers that have flocked to watch the daily life of the American eagle.

Beverly Macy pointed out something extraordinary about the growing wave of interest surrounding the bald eagles. “This is an intimate glimpse into something rarely witnessed by humans,” she said in a report from the Huffington Post.

From people with cancer, toxic relationships, job losses, peer pressure, depression, overseas deployed loved ones, and the loss of someone meaningful, watching the Decorah Eagle Cam Ustream live feed has filled a vast amount of empty space.

Sure it is educational; it teaches us a lot about family, unity, parents working together, the deeply-seated love between a woman and her children, outside threats, civility, and a litany of other things.

But most of all, it teaches us about living life in the moment, and is an excuse for one to escape to their “Happy Place.”

Why do you tune in daily to the Decorah Eagle Cam Ustream footage? Join the many others who have shared their experience about what the bald eagles mean to them. Share your personal meaning now! Join the movement and invite others.

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