Decorating Frosting for Holiday Cookies ~recipe~

Decorating Frosting for Cookies

Decorating Frosting
2 egg whites
2 ½ cups powdered sugar
¼ cup light corn syrup
food coloring
Beat egg whites until soft peaks form.  Add sugar gradually, and beat until frosting stands in stiff peaks.  Add syrup and beat 1 minute.
If color is desired, separate frosting into bowls and add drops of food coloring, stir well.
Add a few drops of water if a thinner frosting is desired.  Cover frosting with damp paper towel when not in use.


This recipe is from the 1967 Wisconsin Electric Power Company Christmas Cooky Book.

It’s great for cut-out cookies!

The frosting spreads on smooth and easy.  Then sprinkle with your favorite decorations.








Let the cookies stand at room temperature for a few hours so the frosting dries.  When you pack them into containers, the cookies won’t stick together.


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