Deena Cortese Arrest: Police Speak Out

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Deena Cortese was arrested yesterday in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. She was handcuffed by local police after they found her drunk on the street, slapping cars that were driving by! At the time, she was with her Jersey Shore co-stars Sammi and Ronnie who simply looked as she was hauled away.

According to Radar Online, Deena was seen crying and smoking cigarettes on the boardwalk before her arrest. She was even pictured crawling into a restaurant on all fours!

This meatball could have used some assistance from her co-stars—especially since this same scenario has happened before! Snooki was arrested for the same thing just seasons ago after police found her drunk on the boardwalk. Haven’t they learned their lesson?

Police Chief Tommy Boyd told Radar that his officer arrest Deena after finding her ‘a little intoxicated.’ He also added, “Nothing major, but we can’t put up with it.”

Deena Cortese’s arrest was just the tip of the iceberg this past weekend. The rest of the gang was involved in a massive brawl on Friday night which was resulted in a lawsuit! Jersey Shore season 6 is going to be filled to the brim with drama.

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