Deena Cortese Returns to Work on ‘Jersey Shore’ After Arrest

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Deena Cortese is back. Just a day after being arrested while filming “Jersey Shore” and then being bailed out by her parents, Deena Nicole was back at work in Seaside Heights. Thus the life of a guidette.

Clearly Deena Cortese was trying to fill the void of most obnoxious drunk on “Jersey Shore,” left by Snooki when she got pregnant. One ugly scene on Sunday night followed by a night in the pokey, and Deena Nicole was in the back to normal.

Yep, that’s right, she was right back to work at the Shore Store, hanging out with resident guidos, Pauly D and The Situation. Of course, after about five minutes at work, Deena had to go outside and puff on a cancer stick. Paparazzi was able to take photographs of a seemingly unhappy (and perhaps hung over) Cortese.

Look, perhaps this outburst (she was reportedly crying about Snooki) was at least a little planned. Deena Cortese certainly has an opportunity to fill the void of “crazy” now that Snooki is pregnant. The only question is whether she can walk the fine line of being a little crazy and flat-out stupid.

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