Deep-Fried Butter: A Gross Food Trend

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America has a reputation for unhealthy snack foods. The state fairs across the nation often showcase the latest trends in unhealthy snack foods. One of the new trends is a greasy, gross high-calorie snack that could make the stomach turn! Would you eat deep-fried butter?

A stick of butter is not very appetizing on its own. However, someone thought up the idea of adding batter to the stick of butter and then frying it. Once the chef fries the butter, they often add toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate, sugar or a dash of hot sauce. People eat the deep-fried butter on a stick or in a paper dish.

The Iowa State fair is offering deep-fried butter this year. The batter has a cinnamon honey flavor, notes Eater. This treat is tasty or gross depending on your food preferences. Perhaps if you are not a teen looking for some wild food at the state fair, it would be wise to avoid this snack and indeed any fried foods.

This snack is certainly not cardiologist approved. It sends a blast of fat into your arteries that could block blood flow as it sticks to the walls of the vessels. If you value your heart’s health, this is one food choice to avoid. To read about one couple’s adventure eating deep-fried butter at the Orange County, California fair go here.

America has a problem with unhealthy foods. And yet it seems no matter how disgusting a new food item is, someone will eat it. Will deep-fried butter be a lasting trend or will it disappear as the summer ends?

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