Deep Space ‘Reptile’ UFO Found on Google Earth (Video)

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An unusually shaped “reptilian” UFO has been found floating in deep space on Google Earth. It’s not like any known spacecraft ever launched. So what is it?

The gigantic, unidentified flying object looks metallic and recalls the spine of a serpent-like creature. There are specks of a greenish hue highlighting the “backbone” of the object which are probably the result of rendering images for easier visualization.

But the shape of the behemoth is like nothing else ever discovered on the popular program which explores the skies above made visible by telescope from satellites and the Earth. And like nothing else ever seen in space.

The image is just one of 20 plotted by YouTube user MrLornadu, who apparently loves to spend time poring over every inch of the nighttime sky.

Other images include what seem to be software glitches and a reflection of the satellite telescope which is actually mapping the universe.

Two of the objects even look like the “Borg” mothership from Star Trek lore. But they are perfectly square and obviously a “hole” in the program.

Not the reptilian object, pictured above and seen in the video below at around the 0:50 mark.

The fascinating video is over 5 minutes long and navigates over vast stretches of deep space. It’s quite a ride.

But nothing seems to explain the gigantic UFO discovered at coordinates listed at -3.960453° 17.845781° on the Google Earth star map.

It’s both spooky and beautifully surreal. Especially with the added X-Files theme music playing in the background.

Despite the obvious attempt at enhancing the supernatural atmosphere while looking at these 20 objects, number 3 sends a chill down the spine anyway, recalling the creature from the Alien movie franchise. It’s that scary.

So what is it?

Here’s the video:

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