‘Degrassi’ Showdown Premiere! Everyone’s ‘All In’

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Degrassi returned for its 12th season on Monday night and, while those who grew up watching the original series in the 1980s might find it different, it is still entertaining and manages to stay relevant to young adults. The season première of Showdown didn’t disappoint and set fans up for a drama filled week (that’s right, there are all new episodes every night this week!).

In case you missed it, there is a new opening title sequence and some new characters, too! Dallas is a hot new hockey star and is staying with the Torres family. His first order of business (after Simpson announces that the school will no longer have a dress code) is to arrange a uniform burning party. Drew is against this, but Adam is all for it, so the party goes forth.

Drew is ready to end things with Katie for good and start seeing Bianca exclusively. He breaks up with Katie and lies, saying that he met a girl named Courtney. Obviously, Katie is upset that, while she was in rehab, Drew was busy with another girl. Of course, she would be even more upset if she knew who Drew was really with. Katie and Bianca have sort of become acquaintances and it is likely she would feel betrayed by the back stabbing. Katie, though, can’t seem to let Drew go and shows up at the party, telling him he can have a second chance. Drunk, Drew tells Katie to meet him in his bedroom and moments later, he exclaims that he “did it.”

Also at the party is Claire, who appears to be ready to give things another shot with Eli. Fans may recall that on the season 11 finale of Degrassi, the two shared a kiss. Eli says he is done chasing after Claire, so she pours her heart out to him. She then tells him that she is “all in” and fans are excited to see where this will go, especially knowing how their relationship played out in the past.

There was also a subplot featuring Katie’s little sister, Maya, who feels that she doesn’t “mature” enough. She wants to try out for Moe’s band, but knows that if she doesn’t improve her look, she’ll never make it.

In case you missed the episode, check out some exclusive screen shots here and be sure to watch the second half tomorrow night!

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