Deidre Hall–aka Marlena Evans, Returns to ‘Days of Our Lives’

Deidre Hall, who long played the role of psychiatrist Dr. Marlena Evans, will return to the daytime drama Days of Our Lives. She will resume the popular role as of September 26.

According to Inside TV, Marlena’s return to Days of Our Lives is just one of several changes planned for the long-running soap opera–reportedly put into play as a means of pleasing older fans. For the past few years, Days has catered to a fairly young crowd.

There is a rumor swirling around in soap opera land that Drake Hogestyn, who played Marlena’s love interest and even her husband at times–John Black–may be returning to the show as well. No one has been able to confirm that rumor as of yet, but oh, what a romantic return that could prove to be.

John and Marlena were magical together. Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn could heat up a TV set even though neither of them were considered to be part of the young and hip set that has dominated Days of Our Lives for years now. The connection the two made on the daytime drama was comparable to after 10 PM TV shows on cable networks! They were hot!

Are you a Days of Our Lives fan? Have you been missing Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn? Have you been missing their magic on afternoon TV?

What will happen if Deidre Hall returns to Days but Drake Hogestyn doesn’t? There really isn’t anyone else on the soap right now who would make a suitable love interest for Marlena. Maybe that means that John Black’s return is imminent, too.

Of course John and Marlena were married when last seen in Salem, but you know how that goes on soaps. They–or she–could return with a tale of woe. Maybe John was abducted by aliens or somehow kidnapped and stashed deep inside one of Stefano DiMera’s dank dungeons. Deidre Hall could reprise her role not having any idea who Marlena Evans is or was.

But none of that really matters, does it? As long as Marlena and John find their way back to each other–which inevitably they always do! And more likely than not, they’ll still be magical together.

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