Deli Creations Review: Take Two

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This is my second attempt with the Oscar Meyer Deli Creations review. I received my coupons several weeks ago, but had to email Stephanie Plum about my decision to forgo writing a review until I could write something positive.

You see, the first Deli Creations I purchased, sucked, hard. When I opened the package for the "Honey Ham and Swiss", the bottom bun was soggy. Those who know me know that I have a freaky aversion to wet bread, so that one went directly into the garbage. Even the crisping tray in the box didn't help. It was nasty.

The other one I bought at that time was the "Tuscan Chicken Foccacia". It was better than the first, but came out a bit too chewy for my tastes, which could have been my microwave's fault. I admit that the red pepper ranch sauce was pretty good. I would buy that by the bottle if it were offered.

Following my email to Stephanie, I received another set of two coupons. I decided to forego the "sandwich" creations, and try the flatbread offerings.

I tried the "Fajita Beef and Salsa", which was actually quite tasty. It comes with beef strips, a four cheese blend and a packet of salsa. I added some peppers and onions to it, as a fajita just isn't a fajita without peppers and onions, right?
The bread was a little thick for a true fajita, and I think they should have used an actual tortilla versus the flatbread, but it was free, so I can't complain.

I was tickled to find that this selection only had 280 calories, which was far less than the sandwiches, which average about 480 per sandwich.

The other one I tried was the Flatbread Steakhouse Beef, which was not too shabby itself. Weighing in at 330 calories, mostly due to the Garlic Parmesan sauce, which would make a wonderful salad dressing (Kraft, are you listening?), this one was a little chewy, but overall, better than the offerings from a sandwich machine at work.

I found that all the Deli Creations were a little pricey for what you get, but not bad in a pinch, or in a hurry.

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