Dell Adamo

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Dell Adamo

With a chassis measuring just 0.76 inches at its crest and an innovative unibody design, Apple’s MacBook Air broke ground in the high-end, ultra-slim, and super-refined laptop category at the beginning of 2008. Half a year later, HP’s Voodoo unit took things a step further via the Envy, a carbon fiber-covered siren of a machine with high-end hardware features—such as a touch pad that switches itself off whenever the user begins typing—and a girth even less than that of Apple’s couture machine. And now Dell’s Adamo has claimed the coveted “Svelte Belt” for itself. Measuring a mere 0.65 inches at its portliest point, the system sports fine glass accents and brushed aluminum lines that will drive most tech fetishists mad with desire. It doesn’t offer much in the way of functional innovation—save perhaps its surprisingly agile, low-voltage processor—but the Adamo’s unabashed and undeniable sexiness ought to be enough to pique the curiosity of even the most jaded gadget aficionado.

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