Delta Airlines employee humiliates breastfeeding mother

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A Delta Airlines flight attendant humiliated a breastfeeding mother on flight 3926 from Indianapolis to Raleigh. The mom named Meaghan Larkn said that she and her husband were seated, and she began feeding her eight-month-old baby.

Delta Airlines Employee Humiliates Breastfeeding MotherWhen she noticed, the Delta Airlines flight attendant repeatedly asked the nursing mother to cover up or stop feeding the baby. The mother refused a blanket because it was 85 degrees on the plane and already very hot.

The harassed mom said that she informed the flight attendant that the Indiana State Code afforded her the right to breast feed her child wherever she had the legal right to be. Unfortunately, the flight attendant did not let the issue go. She continued to bother the mother and child telling the mom that she would get in trouble for giving the flight attendant a hard time. The mom said she felt publicly humiliated by the argument over how she fed her baby.

Really, this is ridiculous. The law gives this mother the right to nurse her child. Some people really need to grow up. Nursing is feeding a baby. The mother was in a seat with her husband, and she simply fed her child. What is so bad about this? Do you think this Delta Airlines flight attendant was out of line? The mother hopes that her story will end up making a difference in how employees are trained to treat breastfeeding mothers in the future.

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