Delta Flight Diverted to Albuquerque Cleared of Note Threat

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The Delta flight which was diverted from landing in San Diego to Albuquerque has been cleared for flying. Flight 1706 had taken off on Sunday from Detroit, MI and was suppose to land in San Diego, CA but it was diverted to Albuquerque, NM after passengers say a note was discovered “in one of the plane’s bathrooms.”

Although Albuquerque International Sunport spokesman Daniel Jiron and the FBI’s spokesman Frank Fisher refused to explain more about the “potential security threat,” passenger Tim Cole states that the note had the word “bomb” on it.

The Delta flight was diverted at 10 a.m. and it took authorities two and a half hours to search the plane before clearing it to fly again. During that time, Flight 1706’s crew and all of the 107 passengers were interviewed. Authorities also concluded that there were “no suspicious devices” onboard the plane.

Cole said the pilot had made the announcement about the “bomb” note over the intercom. Cole also said, “The captain came on and said: ‘You notice we’re declining. We’re getting ready to divert. It’s probably a hoax, but we’ve got to take this very seriously.”

Fortunately, it was a hoax but for someone to actually think it would be entertaining to do that is really distressing. Someone’s idea of fun took two and a half hours from the lives of everyone involved. The FBI was present during the search and used their K-9 unit to sniff and search the passengers’ carry-ons.

Delta Flight 1706 being diverted over something like this should prompt a law that especially targets jokesters like the one in this story. That person should have his or her head examined, pay a fine, do some community service and apologize to everyone for wasting their time and resources. What a jerk!

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