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Prior to release of new album Delta Spirit, stream the San Diego-based band’s self-titled LP online. You can find the stream of the band’s third record exclusively at Rolling Stone. The effort has been compared to bands like Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, and Wilco, which is very strong company for them if the album really holds up.

According to frontman Matthew Vasquez, the band apparently decided to self-title this newest record to establish a whole new identity, which is embodied in the expansion of their sound and his slightly more refined and focused vocal approach.

“We found the sound that we’ve been looking for, that we’ve been growing into, and as soon as we hit on it, we ran with it,” he said. “That’s why it’s a self-titled record, so we could connect our identity with the album, because this album is what we think Delta Spirit is. People make records for their time, and we wanted to make one for our time.”

The expansion is striking and noticeable early on, with opening track “Empty House” retaining some of their roots-y earlier sound and showing more southern rock tendencies, while second track “Tear It Up” goes more of a dance rock route, bringing out brighter electric guitars for a slight ’80s feel.

The reverb drenches the guitars on other tracks like the guitar-led ballad “Home” and the Middle Eastern-sounding “Otherside.” Lead single “California” also showed the band’s evolution with its chugging post-punk rhythms and reverb-heavy “ooohhh” chorus. Delta Spirit certainly aimed to impress with this self-titled LP, and the changes early on look to have paid off.

Even if you’re disappointed by what you’ve heard so far from the new album by Delta Spirit, stream it anyway at Rolling Stone and give all the tracks a fair chance. There’s enough variations in the sound & style of the tracks to ultimately lead you to a track to your liking.

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