Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene’s Email War Over Joe Jonas!

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One of the latest rumors in Hollywood is that Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene had a nasty email war over Joe Jonas! It even looks like it was Ashley’s presence during the “Camp Rock 2” tour in which Demi was headlining with the Jonas Brothers that caused Lovato to quit the tour and seek rehab.

Yikes! Talk about an ultra sticky situation! Why in the heck did Joe Jonas think it was a good idea to invite his new girlfriend along on a tour he was having with his old girlfriend? Could it have been spite? Could Joe have just been a jerk? Well, itÂ’s up to the masses to call that one.

Anyhow, back to the rumor. X17online is reporting that shortly after Demi discovered Jonas was in a new relationship, she emailed a “nasty email” to Greene in which Lovato bashed Ashley for “stealing her boyfriend and parading around with him on tour.”

To counter the juvenile act, Ashley promptly emailed Demi back with a photo of her and Joe and asked for the Disney princess to stop communicating with her. The emails, though, are said to not have stopped and both actresses supposedly continuing emailing back and forth.

Coincidentally, the same night Demi released a statement saying she would not be able to finish her leg of the tour, Ashley tweeted a photo of the Jonas brothers with the caption: “Tonight. Was. Incredible.”

Well, if these rumors are true then that would make a lot of sense because young love and breakups can drive anyone bonkers. Seriously, throw together a bunch of hot celebrities who are surrounded by yes-men and you get egos the size of houses. ItÂ’s no wonder Demi Lovato had to leave. Who would want to see their former loveÂ’s new girlfriend all the freaking time? No one!


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