Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas at VMAs: Awkward Say Body Language Experts

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Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas may have reunited at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, but they were just grinning and bearing it, at least according to a handful of body language experts.

Although their interaction seemed friendly enough, Lovato and Jonas may be far from a full reconciliation after their challenging split, after which the troubled starlet headed to rehab. Hollywood Life turned to the love pros for their take on the current relationship between the estranged pair, based on the two stars’ VMA run-in. The outlook actually did not come up roses.

“When someone is feeling happy, experiencing real feelings of joy inside, their smile will manifest automatically, and the muscles around the eyes will contract, causing the crow’s feet wrinkles at the corner of the eyes,” affirms body language expert Vincent Harris. “We don’t see that…” Indeed, in the photos of Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas at the VMAs, their smiles do look a bit forced. Harris describes the situation well, saying it seemed “uncomfortable and awkward.”

In addition to Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas’ faux VMA smiles, expert Dr. Lillian Glass points out that, in the pics, they are “looking in different directions; this indicates that there is something wrong between them.” Glass adds, “This is not a good sign… There is some tension between them. They are both going their separate ways emotionally.” So, while Lovato and Jonas may have played it cool, it seems their body language was sounding the alarm and screaming another story.

Interestingly enough, it has recently been all about former flames for Joe Jonas. In addition to his meet and greet with Demi Lovato at the VMAs, he attended Taylor Swift’s concert (who he famously broke up with in a 27-second phone call!) at the Staples Center that same night and ran into Twilight actress Ashley Greene while there (she ended it with him!).

“Ex” definitely marks the spot for Jonas lately. But, unlike Swift’s rekindled romance with former boyfriend Taylor Lautner, it doesn’t look like this Jo Bro will be as lucky with any of his exes.

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