Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas Plan Post-VMA Date

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It seems that Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas–spotted together at the MTV Video Music Awards–have planned a post-VMA date. Is this an indication that a reconciliation is in the works?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Joe admitted he had missed Demi, and that he really enjoyed seeing her at the VMAs.

“She’s really sweet,” he said. “I got to see her and we got to catch up a little bit on the carpet. We’re going to try and find another time and not in all the craziness of the red carpet to be able to catch up. I’m happy to see that she’s doing well and it was good to see her again.”

So what do you think? Is this simply a case of two old friends making a plan to catch up with one another, or is Joe Jonas seriously considering an actual date with Demi Lovato? If you think about it, his comments sounded far more casual than committed.

Demi Lovato was actually touring with Joe Jonas and the rest of the Jonas Brothers when she had a breakdown of sorts and entered a rehab facility for emotional issues, as well as drug and alcohol problems. Some believe the breakdown was as a result of her breakup with Joe.

Nonetheless, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato did appear very friendly toward one another at the VMAs. Whether or not that means they’ll go on a date or perhaps consider a reconciliation remains to be seen.

Everyone wants the very best for Demi Lovato, who has done fairly well since leaving rehab back in January. It might actually be best for her to simply take things slow, and see what happens down the road. Her career is quickly getting back on track and it would be a shame to shatter that track record with yet another broken relationship.

So what’s your take? Was Joe Jonas hinting at simply being friendly with the Skyscraper singer, or getting back together and dating again?

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