Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene Still At Odds Over Joe Jonas?

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So how is the relationship between Demi Lovato and ‘Twilight’ star Ashley Greene? From Ashley’s perspective, she has never had a “problem” with Demi, even there were rumors swirling about both girls and Joe Jonas that might have been a reason for Lovato to enter rehab to treat her depression.

Ashley Greene New Moon Premiere on TwitpicSince Ashley Greene has had the finger pointed at her (at least by the tabloids) for Demi’s issues, where does she actually stand on the subject of Demi Lovato?

I’m really happy that she’s doing well. She and I never had a problem with each other…but, you know, it doesn’t go away. Jen Aniston still gets asked about Angelina Jolie.

Unfortunately the timing about when she dated Joe Jonas and Demi’s issues was really lousy for Greene. Demi Lovato briefly dated the Jonas Brother (who hasn’t Joe dated?) and then it was reported that Joe flaunted a relationship with Greene. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except Demi was opening for the Jonas Brothers on a concert tour.

Of course the rumor mills took the story and ran with it. Unfortunately, Ashley Greene has had to waste way too much of her time dispelling old rumors. It is something that goes along with fame for the 24-year-old. Thankfully, Demi Lovato seems to have her life and career heading in the right direction…as does Greene.

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