Demi Lovato Bra Photo—Is It Photoshopped?

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Demi Lovato appears in what is said to be a new hot photo, showing her wearing an open blouse that reveals her bra—but there’s something about that photo that doesn’t quite look right. Do you think it could be photoshopped?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the picture just recently surfaced and they’re displaying it on their site. However, since they don’t necessarily know where it originated, they’re certainly not responsible for its integrity.

In the photo, Demi definitely looks like she is trying to tempt a handsome young man (not her boyfrienDemi Lovatod Wilmer Valderrama either) with curly hair. The man is sitting on a chair, and it appears as though Demi is straddling him, putting her breasts—clad only in her bra—directly in his face.

Something about the shot just doesn’t look right, though. Demi Lovato’s head almost looks like it’s way bigger than it ought to be, and the position in which she is standing looks peculiar.

You can check out the photo in question by clicking here. What do you think? Is something about this photo a little bit off? Does it seem rather distorted to you?

It’s certainly easy enough to do these days with a decent computer and some basic expertise. Someone could have very easily transposed the Skyscraper singer’s head on to someone else’s body. Do you think that might have happened in this situation?

It will be interesting to learn if this photo surfaces on any other web sites and if anyone else questions its integrity. It will be even more interesting to learn if any comment regarding the photo emerges from either Demi Lovato or one of her reps.

Photo Source: Facebook

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