Demi Lovato Breaks Down in Tears

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Demi Lovato is not afraid to admit that sometimes she breaks down in tears. According to Wet Paint, something on Friday night had her crying and she isn’t afraid to say what caused her to be upset. It wasn’t The X Factor or even a boyfriend that upset her.

Demi went out to see the new hit movie Breaking Dawn: Part 2. She just happened to have some PMS going on while she was at the movie. You add vampire love and an emotional woman and you get tears rolling down their face. That is exactly what happened to Demi on Friday night.

Here is what Demi had to say about it: “Do NOT go see Breaking Dawn part 2 if you are a woman who’s PMSing. You WILL cry like a baby… Thanks Twilight.” It is great that she is willing to admit that it upset her.

A lot of people are emotional when they go to movies so it is not shocking that she would cry over it. This is the final movie in the series and some fans are just emotional hearing that it is all over.

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