Demi Lovato, Britney Spears Despise Each Other—Who Will Simon Cowell Sack?

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Demi Lovato and Britney Spears are former Disney darlings who now despise each other. That might be O.K. if the two lovely ladies weren’t regularly thrown together as X Factor judges. What will Simon Cowell say? More importantly, what will he do?

Reportedly, Demi is so jealous of Britney that she’s taking out her ire on almost everyone else around her. As for La Spears, she won’t even give Lovato the respect of getting into an altercation with her. She just pretends the 19-year-old doesn’t exist.

“Demi was overheard making com­ments about how annoying it is that Britney gets so much attention on the set,” revealed an insider. “It’s clear she’s jealous and takes it out on the staff. She gripes about her clothes not fitting right and her makeup looking bad, even complaining that the water an assistant brought her wasn’t cold enough.”

Perhaps what upsets Demi Lovato most is that she’s making a paltry $1 million for her X Factor tenure while Britney got a whopping $15 million. Rumor has it that when Lovato found out abut Spears’ large salary, she “ran into her dressing room and slammed the door.” Rumor also has it that Britney gets away with her equally annoying diva-esque behavior because she has more star power than Demi. Ouch.

“Demi complained to producers of the show,” tattled the insider, “but they told her Britney…is allowed to do so whenever she wants.”

That star power might be Demi Lovato’s downfall. Simon Cowell is depending on Spears to bring her devoted fan base to the show while he expects Demi to attract younger viewers. Since Demi lacks Britney’s star power, she’d better deliver. If she fails and continues to misbehave, Simon might give her the boot.

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