Demi Lovato Claims to be ‘Bulletproof”

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Demi Lovato claims to be ‘bulletproof’ or at least made of “Titanium.” Demi took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon quoting some song lyrics that may actually be a bit autobiographical.

Demi tweeted out lyrics to DJ David Guetta’s hit song “Titanium”:

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away.. Ricochet, take your aim, fire away, fire away… Shoot me down but I won’t fall, I AM TITANIUM.

The question is, did Demi Lovato tweet out Guetta’s song lyrics because she likes the song, or is there a bigger issue at play here? Clearly, Demi has been through plenty over the last couple of years, including time in rehab for personal issues.

Add to all of that what seems to be constant scrutiny from fans about everything from her weight and fashion choices to her hair color and boyfriends. Perhaps she heard the song and had an ‘Ah ha!’ moment. Then again, perhaps this is just over thinking things for Demi Lovato. Whatever the case, she did pick a good song to tweet out!

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