Demi Lovato confided in Joe Jonas

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Demi Lovato confided in her close friend Joe Jonas when she was going through some really hard times in her life. Since the two were dating just before she needed to go to rehab, she told him a lot about how she was feeling.
“He was my best friend for like years prior to that, so he knew. I mean when we first shot the first movie together,” she said, trailing off. In a way it’s good that Demi felt she could talk to Joe, but at the same time, she sounded a bit uncomfortable when discussing it with Ryan Seacrest.

It is one thing to have a boyfriend who you can open up to, but it’s another when said boyfriend is Joe Jonas! It’s also nice to be able to talk to your girlfriends, sisters, or mom, about stuff because sometimes they understand it more. The good thing is that Demi didn’t keep it locked up inside. It sounds like she talked about her issues (eating disorder and depression), which is an excellent sign. This was likely the reason she benefitted from treatment. Way to go, Demi!

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