Demi Lovato cried recording ‘Skyscraper’

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Demi Lovato has a lot invested in her new music. In fact, songwriter Kerli says that Demi cried while recording her new single, Skyscraper. Usually the best songs are produced when there is a lot of emotion behind them, so expect Skyscraper to be Demi’s best work yet!
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“I am so excited [for Skyscraper] as well. No one has been able to hear it cause they’re keeping it behind locked doors but the couple [of] people who have heard it say she absolutely killed it and [you] could hear her cry while she was recording it,” Kerli said.

This is actually very common. A lot of recording artists pour their heart and soul in to their work, making it more meaningful in a way. When a musician really connects to a song, their fans can really feel that. Demi’s going to impress her fans with Skyscraper, and the fact that she was so emotionally connected to it just proves that her new record is going to be full of heart.

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