Demi Lovato Defends Joe Jonas

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Demi Lovato places no blame on her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas. No, it was not the relationship with Joe, and later failure, which caused Demi to spiral into a freefall! That freefall landed Lovato in a treatment facility.

DemiLovatoSep10 4In a recent interview where she opens up about her public meltdown and time in rehab to deal with cutting and other personal issues, Demi Lovato was quick to not point fingers at Joe Jonas. Does that mean that she is still friends with the Jonas Brother?

Not so fast! She has not even talked to him since the break-up. Good for Demi. She could have used Joe Jonas as an excuse, but admitted that there were bigger issues that she dealt with other than break-up.

Of course, if all if this is true, the next question is when will she be ready to date again? Hopefully Demi Lovato continues to gain confidence in herself to the point that she does start to date again.


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Photo: By Paige’s Concerts, via Wikimedia Commons

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