Demi Lovato Defends Lindsay Lohan’s Behavior?!

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Demi Lovato is sticking her neck out for Lindsay Lohan. Is Demi trying to protect a friend in Lindsay, who has had a horrible week? Lovato may be the only person this side of Dina Lohan who is defending the troubled actress at the moment.

In case you missed it, Lindsay Lohan allegedly hit a woman in a New York City night club and was arrested. Lindsay was at the club after attending the Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden earlier in the evening. Of course, Lindsay’s arrest started a firestorm of tabloid gossip, rumors, and speculation about the future of the star. Was she drunk? How does this affect her probation standing? Adding to the drama, Lindsay was also facing charges stemming from a hit and run in California. Talk about a mess, with everyone piling on.

Outspoken, celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton was at the forefront of the ‘beat up Lindsay Lohan’ campaign. This is where Demi Lovato stepped in.

See, Demi has faced her own set of demons and took umbrage with Perez piling on LiLo. Lovato tweeted, “@PerezHilton hey how about you just leave her alone? Instead of kicking someone while they’re down?”

This led to a back and forth between Demi and Perez, where Lovato begged for people to stop bashing Lindsay Lohan and instead try to help her. The only problem is, can Lindsay Lohan actually be helped at this point. She has spent time in rehab, jail, the morgue. Couple this with the fact that Lindsay’s implosions are like a Christmas present that keeps on giving for the tabloids and gossip bloggers.

Is this a lost cause for Demi Lovato to try to help?

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