Demi Lovato Diversifies! From Fashion to Chord Overstreet Collaboration

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Demi Lovato channeled her inner ’80s punk-pop princess side during a Los Angeles shopping outing earlier this week, but she’s not only changing up her wardrobe, she’s also diversifying her music.

Celebuzz likened Lovato’s recent get-up to one that Molly Ringwald would have worn in Pretty in Pink, what with the 19-year-old star’s patterned blazer affair, which packed major shoulder pad action, her round, oversized sunglasses and her sky-high platform booties. Indeed, it was quite the fashion spectacle.

And what a difference a few days makes, at least on the Lovato style radar. Just Sunday night, she was heating up the MTV Video Music Awards in a sparkling, form-fitting silver cocktail dress—quite a change from an ’80s grunge look!

It may not have been one of Demi Lovato’s best fashion moments, but it shows her willingness to try new things, which is exactly what she’s also doing with her music. She has a few new tricks up her sleeves (think Glee and R&B!) that might just register much higher praise than her latest outfit.

File:DemiLovatoSep10 6.jpgOn Thursday, Demi Lovato tweeted, “In the studio writing with @chordoverstreet.” Yes, that Chord Overstreet! So, it looks like the “Skyscraper” singer really is collaborating with the blonde cutie and Glee alum. It’s an interesting match and one that seems a bit unexpected. But, it could work, especially given the sheer number of fans that Lovato, Glee, and Overstreet all boast.

What remains a bit perplexing is that Lovato has previously said she wants to branch out from pop music and get into a rhythm and blues vibe. Overstreet, who’s known for those famous show tunes and the top 40 hits, seems an unlikely choice for a genre such as R&B, but he will no doubt turn up the swagger and soul meter and make it work.

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