Demi Lovato embraced by Hollywood

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Demi Lovato is on top of the world right now because, lucky for her, Hollywood welcomed her back with open arms. After going through what she calls “the darkest time of her life,” she has found wild success again, and she is so thankful.
“When I went into treatment I was really really scared and nervous that people would just look at me as another Hollywood actress or singer that fell into the dark side of Hollywood and had to go into rehab,” she said. However, people did not look at her that way and it seems as though everyone respected her decision to get help. Now that she is sitting pretty with a #1 single (Skyscraper) she feels the love from not only her fans, but from Hollywood.

A lot of times when celebrities go to rehab, they don’t have a grand welcoming back party. For instance, it’s going to take Lindsay Lohan a while to regain her place in the world. However, Demi Lovato is so positive and she has taken any and all negativity and turned it in to something wonderful for herself and her fans.

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