Demi Lovato films new music video!

Demi Lovato is so excited about filming the music video for her new single! Her fans have known that she has been recording a new album for a couple of weeks, and they have all anxiously been awaiting news of when her first single will drop. While Demi haDemiLovatoApr09s been giving clues here and there, she told her fans that she was filming a music video for the song on Thursday, meaning that it should be released shortly.

“Today I’m shooting a new music video for my new single! Are you excited?” she asked. Of course her fans are excited! Ever since Demi went to rehab, her fans have been pulling for her to get better and to start making new music. They are beyond thrilled that she is recording a new album and they can’t wait to hear her new songs.

It is only a matter of time before she released this single, and since she is already filming a music video for it, fans can probably expect it this summer with her album to follow shortly thereafter.

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