Demi Lovato Gets Flirty With Darren Criss

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Demi Lovato was spotted getting flirty with Glee star, Darren Criss. The pair, who would make a great looking couple, seemed to have some chemistry during a recent meeting.

Demi has been linked to much older actor, Ryan Phillippe, who is the father of three children. However, the former Disney star may now have her sights set on the adorable Mr. Criss. “[She was being] so flirty,” a source close to Lovato revealed. “[There was] lots of giggling and laughing.”

File:DemiLovatoApr09.jpgDarren has become a household name since making his début on season 2 of Glee. As a member of The Warblers (and Kurt’s new boyfriend) Criss won over viewers with his smooth voice, and good looks.

Demi and Darren look great together and have a lot in common since they are both singers and actors. It seems like a perfect match. Although Demi Lovato has had her problems in the past, Darren Criss seems like the kind of guy who would treat her right, and support her in times of need. (Go for it Demi!) He’s a much better fit than Ryan Phillippe!

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