Demi Lovato Getting Excited! What About?

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Demi Lovato has been on the road quite a bit this autumn. Between awards shows and touring, Lovato has been yearning to get home. Today is finally the day she has waited for, and she is excited!

Demi took to Twitter on Monday morning to exclaim her enthusiasm:

Isn’t that nice that Demi looks forward to getting back home to see her family. This is a far cry from the almost constantly irritable Demi Lovato that fans have been treated to over the last few weeks.

Demi, who has tweeted on several occasions lately that she is annoyed, sounds like a young star who is in desperate need of a vacation. Perhaps a quick jaunt home may be just what the doctor ordered for the young singer, actress.

Of course, for someone like Demi Lovato, who is on Twitter probably more than she would like to admit, seeing one’s family doesn’t mean that she can disconnect from the world. Fans are sure to have plenty too look forward to from Demi. Hopefully though, a trip home will cure the irritability.

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