Demi Lovato Got Punk’d

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Demi Lovato is the latest celeb to admit that she got Punk’d on the reboot of the MTV show that Ashton Kutcher made popular a few years ago.

So far, tons of big celebs have been slated to appear on the show. Khloe Kardashian got pranked by Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne, who set her up to see a poor pizza guy get his junk caught in his pants zipper; Justin Bieber convinced Taylor Swift that she ruined a wedding; Ashton Kutcher made The Wanted think that they were all about to be arrested; and Miley also set up her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth by making him believe that a nude couple was hooking up in her car. Luckily it doesn’t sound like Demi Lovato’s Punk’d appearance involves any nudity, instead she gets spooked by some kind of close encounter.

According to VH1, here’s what the singer/actress said about the episode that she appears in on March 29: “My two friends, Jack [Gaskarth] and Alex [Barakat from All Time Low], they Punk’d me.” Nick Cannon helped the guys pull off the prank, and Demi is trying to keep what happened to her somewhat under wraps (perhaps because so many other celebs’ pranks have already been revealed, ruining the surprise for fans). She did drop this hint, however: “I’m a sucker for, like, ghosts and aliens and stuff like that, so they got me pretty good.”

Late last year, Demi Lovato tweeted that she spotted a UFO in L.A., so maybe she was actually getting pranked when she had her close encounter. She’s admitted that she believes in aliens, so seeing a Scare Tactics-style prank played on her would be lots of fun.

Of course it would also be nice if Demi hosts a future episode of Punk’d so that she can prank someone. Since Miley Cyrus has already been involved in at least two pranks, perhaps she should try to turn the tables on her pal.

So which celeb are you most looking forward to seeing pranked on the show?

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