Demi Lovato Hot and Healthy in a Bikini

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Demi Lovato was spotted recently in a bikini, and not only did the Skyscraper singer look hot–she looked healthy, too. What a wonderful example she is setting for women everywhere!

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Demi and some friends were enjoying the sun, sand and surf in Rio on Wednesday when the paparazzi caught up with them.

Demi looks happy as she splashes in the Rio waves. It’s heartwarming to see the 19-year-old looking so carefree after the many issues she struggled with in rehab over a year ago. Her simple brown strapless bikini distinctly shows off her very sexy curves.

You can check out the bikini shot of Demi Lovato in Rio on Wednesday by clicking here.

Doesn’t she look fabulous? She is fit and toned, but it’s plain to see she isn’t model thin. She looks healthy and ‘normal–‘ not emaciated as is the trend young girls everywhere seem to believe they need to follow.

Demi Lovato should share lots more photos of herself in various modes of fashion and beachwear. It would encourage girls with healthy bodies to stay the way they are, instead of striving to become ridiculously thin.

When Wilmer Valderrama sees this hot bikini shot, do you think he might have regrets about their split?

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