Demi Lovato in car accident

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Demi Lovato was involved in a minor car accident on Wednesday. While she was not hurt, she looked a bit shaken up (as anyone would), and the accident was her fault.

“While details of the accident are slim at best, reports from the photo agency claim that Lovato did the right thing by waiting for the owner of the car she hit to arrive on the scene,” Celebuzz reportsDemi Lovato cropped.

Thank goodness she’s okay! After leaving rehab, Demi has been trying to keep herself healthy. She has been battling an eating disorder as well as depression and she is looking really good these days. If this accident was more serious, you can’t help but wonder if it would have affected Demi’s recovery process. She is very fortunate that this accident was minor and that no one was injured. It’s something like this that can really put someone on edge.

Lovato has been nothing but strong and determined. Her success has turned in to inspiration for her millions of fans, and everyone is happy that she is okay after this accident!

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