Demi Lovato is pumped for first performance!

Demi Lovato is very excited for her first performance since her rehab stint earlier this year. She has been working very hard on a new album, and she seems beyond thrilled to share her new music with her adoring fans.DemiLovatoApr09

“Can’t wait for the Do Something Awards! Who’s excited to see me perform Skyscraper,” she tweeted. With hundreds of her fans retweeting that message, it’s obvious that everyone is pumped for Demi’s first performance of the year! Her fans are hopeful that she continues to overcome her demons so that she may continue doing what she loves.

Fans are also hoping that Demi announces a tour, but many understand that it’s a lot of work and could be stressful for the singer, who is doing so well recovering. If she does decide to go on tour, it will undoubtedly be the millions of fans she sees along the way that will keep her going and make her smile. She rocks!

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