Demi Lovato Jealous of Harry Styles/Taylor Swift Romance?

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Rumor has it Demi Lovato is not happy about the budding flirtation between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. In fact, she’s reportedly mad as hell that the two might start dating. Why? Is she jealous? Or is it that she just doesn’t want to see the One Direction guy wind up in a song.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been getting flirty with each other backstage during X Factor rehearsals, but X Factor judge Demi hasn’t found their behavior cute or endearing. She’s reportedly praying that their budding romance will die on the vine. When asked what she thought about Swift and Styles possibly finding love with each other on the show, Lovato lost her cool.

“I don’t really know about that,” barked Demi, “and I don’t care.”


According to sources, she looked “noticeably upset” when she said it. Perhaps even worse for La Lovato, her fellow X Factor judges don’t share her narrow opinions. Simon Cowell reportedly “thinks the two would make a great couple.” And Host Mario Lopez agrees with Cowell.

“Of course they would [make a cute couple],” he mused. “They’re both adorable.”

Adorable or not, Demi Lovato is not a fan of the two stars turning into a couple. To reiterate: Is she jealous?

What do you think?

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