Demi Lovato Leads over Kristen Stewart and Nina Dobrev in Best Dressed Celebs Poll

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Demi Lovato is currently leading as the best dressed celebrity of the past week. Right now, the new star judge of “X Factor” leads over Nina Dobrev, Kristen Stewart, and Kim Kardashian in an online poll. Maybe Ian Somerhalder, Robert Pattinson, and Kanye West need to help their girls step up the fashion game?

So why is Demi best dressed this week? According to, they have singled out their “10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week.” Their choices included the aforementioned celebs, as well as Britney Spears, Jessica Chastain, Carrie Underwood, Francia Raisa, Jordin Sparks, and Ariel Winter. All of these beauties recently rocked hot fashions on the red carpet or at other events, making them worthy of being best dressed.

However, the site viewers are the ones who decide who is really best dressed of these ten choices. Right now, Demi Lovato is winning by a landslide margin with nearly 43% of the total votes. In second is Nina Dobrev with 15.57%, while Ariel Winter has 13.47%. Kanye West’s girl, Kim K, has just over 6% of votes, while Robert Pattinson’s man squeeze, K-Stewart, has a paltry 1.5%. She better step it up once the MTV Movie Awards and “Twilight” promotional events arrive!

Demi Lovato is currently wowing them with her look from the first day of “X Factor” auditions. She’s seen in the photo at the site wearing a frilly, light yellow/green dress with an interesting pattern on it. Over the top of the dress she wears on an open leather jacket. It’s an interesting look, but is it really better than what Nina Dobrev wore? The star of “The Vampire Diaries” showed off just enough leg and thigh in a stunning blue gown with slits and sequins.

It’s quite possible that Demi Lovato is just the most popular of these celebs right now, or maybe they really do like her fashion sense. It should be interesting to see if she can continue to wow people with her fashion statements on “X Factor” for this coming season!

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