Demi Lovato Nearly Runs Down Former Beatles Singer Paul McCartney

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Demi Lovato may need to head back to drivers education–or at least slow down when trying to park her car. The Skyscraper singer nearly mowed down former Beatles singing sensation Paul McCartney! How did this happen?

According to a report from Celebuzz, fortunately neither Paul McCartney nor the gentlemen with him were hurt. Demi didn’t actually strike the Let It Be and Hey Jude music icon with her car. In fact, she stopped short just shy of doing that.

“So.… today I was pulling into a parking space that some guys were standing in the middle of, and almost hit them….. When one of the guys turned around…. it was a BEATLE…….. Yes, YOU HEARD ME…. SIR PAUL McCARTNEY!!! He was so sweet!! Can’tbelieve I met him today.. WOW!” Demi Lovato shared on Twitter.

Can you imagine how horrifying it must be to nearly run someone over, but then to find out you might have actually mowed down one of the Beatles–that would definitely add insult to injury.

Demi will likely never forget this experience, and while she’s no doubt thrilled to have met Paul McCartney, she’d probably change how they met in a heartbeat.

“And…. I can’t believe I almost ran over a Beatle……. :l,” Demi Lovato tweeted after reliving the scene over and over in her mind.

All is well, Demi. Just slow down the next time you head in to one of those parking spots!

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