Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas Share ‘Strong Bond’

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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have certainly gone through a lot together. Now that Nick has taken his turn helping Demi coach her “team” on the “X Factor,” the Jonas brother is opening up about where his relationship is with Lovato.

“Man, there are so many things that have happened over time with Demi and I,” explained Nick in a recent interview. “I think that we have a really strong bond, a good relationship over time and have seen a lot of life together at this point.”

Now what exactly does this mean? What kind of bond is Nick Jonas talking about? Goodness, Demi Lovato has been through a lot in her own personal life, and the Jonas Brother had a front row seat for a good part of it. Demi did date Nick’s brother Joe Jonas.

“There was always sort of that bond that goes beyond words, really, and it’s great to see that now seven years into our relationship and friendship that we still have that.”

Of course, if things weren’t still “good” between Demi and Nick, would she have ever invited him to help her on “X Factor” in the first place? That hardly seems likely. It is good to see that, Demi and Nick can have a good friendship and working relationship now, after all of these years and water under the bridge.

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