Demi Lovato on Twitter Break: Best Tweets Ever?

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Demi Lovato is reportedly on hiatus from Twitter, no doubt disappointing a big segment of her followers who will have to make do for a while without the “Skyscraper” singer’s sometimes serious and super-honest posts (thoughts on body image and more) and her sometimes silly statements (that fun photo of her avant-garde, ice cream cone manicure comes to mind). But Lovato’s self-imposed break from the social media site has prompted the consideration of her finest, most statement-making 140 characters shared with fans. Celebuzz examines the compelling lineup.

The first tweet that would have to be included, perhaps not as a career best, but as still impactful nonetheless was Lovato’s last and final message announcing her Twit-split. “Twitter break. It’s for the best actually. Who allows me to have this thing anyways?!!! I just get myself in trouble! Haha. Anyway… BYE!” As for the posts that came before that big announcement, some of the top tweets would have to be her fiery responses regarding body image. “Guess what, I’m healthy and happy, and if you’re hating on my weight you obviously aren’t,” Lovato reported. She also supported fellow pop star Miley Cyrus and her posts about curvy girls, even once adding her own two cents by saying, “Tall, thin, curvy, short, whatever you are, you are beautiful.”

File:Demi Lovato cropped 2.jpgOf course, Demi Lovato’s Twitter feed hasn’t been without the more broad, inspirational one-liners, too: “I won’t change anything for anyone but me.” That one definitely fits the bill for a daily dose of wisdom.

But it is maybe her humorous posts that really command the most attention, not the least because of their sassy, slightly sarcastic edge. She hilariously posted, “Gonna wear the same outfit two days in a row… call me out fashion police but I already beat you to it!!! BAM!!!” And, on Dec. 31, 2011, she wrote: “No New Year’s Eve kiss for me tonight… Looks like I’m making out with my hand again.” Demi Lovato definitely has that knack to poke fun at what may be considered a less-than-ideal situation (repeat outfit, no boyfriend on NYE), while appealing to the sensibility of her followers who might just be in her same shoes.

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