Demi Lovato Opens Up About Being A Cutter

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Demi Lovato was in rehab for a number of issues–one of which was being a cutter. Now she opens up about the disturbing form of self-mutilation, as well as about the progress she’s made since getting some help.

According to a report from AOL Music, Lovato explains that the reasons for her cutting herself stem from issues that go way back to her childhood. Being a child star didn’t necessarily cause her to become self-destructive.

“They are issues that every girl deals with, whether they’re in the spotlight or not. Cutting has become so common with so many girls and in almost every family people have tried it or experimented with it and there is addiction all over the place. It doesn’t necessarily come from being a quote unquote child star,” Demi Lovato explains.

Still, withstanding the pressure of being in the media spotlight constantly had to have exacerbated the issue–wouldn’t you think?

Demi Lovato was hospitalized in a rehab facility from November of 2010 to January of 2011. While there she was treated for a number of disorders, including self-mutilation by cutting, bulimia, anorexia, bipolar disorder and depression. It’s likely that one or more of these disorders either helped initiate or exacerbate the problem with cutting.

Can you imagine being so down on yourself that you cut your own body? It is a sense of self-loathing and a secret cry to feel pain that one can’t fully comprehend unless they have been there.

The Mayo Clinic explains that cutting is an ‘unhealthy way to cope with emotional pain.’ Hopefully this young actress and singer of the newly released hit single Skyscraper has learned some far healthier ways of coping with that pain.

Demi Lovato admits that she isn’t recovered from these issues. It will likely be an ongoing process that she’ll have to work on for a very long time. Yet simply admitting to and talking about an issue like self-mutilation by cutting is a sign that some healing is taking place. And fans–along with Demi’s family members and friends, are likely to be exceedingly pleased with that open and honest a display of progress.

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