Demi Lovato performing on ‘X Factor?’

Demi Lovato may be making her comeback on the X Factor! The Disney star hasn’t performed since she was released from rehab, and rumor has it that she may re-debut herself on Simon Cowell’s new show.Demi Lovato cropped 2

“[The producers] think, because of her age, she might not be the right fit for a judge. But they have spoken about having Demi come on to perform during the season, and have discussed her having her comeback performance,” said an insider.

It would be a huge ordeal for Demi, who needs a career boost right about now. She needs a platform to make her comeback, and X Factor is set to be huge! Millions of people are set to tune in to the show, and Lovato could really rock that stage! She is very popular, but much like Britney Spears (after her downfall), she needs a “comeback” to get herself back on her feet. It’s going to boost her morale and it will let her fans know that she’s back. Does she have the X Factor? Absolutely.

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