Demi Lovato: Skyscraper Video Debuts to Praise (Video)

Demi Lovato’s latest music video Skyscraper has officially hit the Internet! It has already garnered amazing praise by several celebrities and fans. Skyscraper is filled with positive and hopeful messages about facing life’s difficulties and overcoming them with strength. Lovato’s emotions are powerfully shown in the video and it’s no wonder many are already calling it a hit.

There has been a lot of buzz about what Demi would be able to produce since her rehab stay but the buzz looks justified. If anything, she needs to remember that this is just the beginning of her comeback. The determination and focus Lovato put into her Skyscraper video is something she needs to continue bringing to her career and to each and every video.

A few days ago there had been a teaser released but now, the full and official video for Skyscraper is available. Demi Lovato has gone through some intense ups and downs in her short career. Hopefully, things will remain on an upswing from now on.

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