Demi Lovato Spotted with Blonde Hair

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First a new relationship, now a new hair color?  Has Demi Lovato has gone blonde?

A photo was snapped of Demi out and about with her hair in long, blonde pigtails.  The photo was displayed for a short time on a few celebrity gossip websites this morning, but has since been pulled.  Was Demi perhaps wearing a wig for a new role or was she just trying to disguise herself to thwart the paparazzi?  This mystery leaves fans wondering if Demi dyed her hair or was the photo a fake?

DemiLovatoApr09It seems as if Demi is trying to press the reset button on her life.  Good for her!  She recently spent some time in a rehab facility for unknown reasons, but now she seems determined to get her life back on track.

There have also been rumors that she has been dating the much older, Wilmer Valderrama.  The two were recently spotted together and sources say the couple is taking things slowly.

Lovato has also been getting back to work on her career.  She has been working on her music career and has logged some time in a recording studio, but she hasn’t gone back to acting yet.

How do you think Demi would look as a blonde?  Share your thoughts below!

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