Demi Lovato Stands Up for Kate Middleton and Beautiful Bodies

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Demi Lovato stood up for both Kate Middleton and beautiful healthy bodies by calling out Star Magazine recently, because of a picture they published. The photo showed a very slim Kate Middleton with the tiniest of bulges in her lower abdomen, and the tabloid insinuated it was Kate’s baby bump.

According to a report from, the magazine referred to Kate’s ‘expanding waistline’ and that pissed the X Factor and Give Your Heart A Break judge off to no end.

Demi Lovato Love“So apparently Kate Middleton is pregnant because of THIS picture… Are you KIDDING me?!!” Demi tweeted.

She added that people who publish such trash should be ashamed of themselves.

“And people wonder why girls/guys have body image issues.. Whether she is or not, she still has a beautiful body. Shame on you Star magazine,” she tweeted.

Good for Demi Lovato for standing up for a healthy body image as well as for Kate Middleton. Demi knows first hand what it’s like to suffer from an eating disorder and in no way wants to see anyone else wander down that dangerous path.

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