Demi Lovato to Ellen Degeneres: Did Joe Jonas-Ashley Greene Affair Cause Her Breakdown?

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Demi Lovato revealed her nervous breakdown was caused by a sudden change in her personal life that caused her to spin out of control. Mercifully, Demi has now overcome her struggles with eating and cutting disorders, but the question that remains is: what was the sudden change that so adversely affected her? Did it have anything to do with her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas and his affair with Ashley Greene?

Demi Lovato recently opened up on the Ellen Degeneres Show about the disastrous mental meltdown that sent her into rehab last November. Demi’s new album, “Unbroken,” debuts September 20, and her life seems to be going nowhere but up. That’s just the opposite of a year ago, when she was seriously troubled.

“[My life] was called a mess,” revealed the ever candid Demi Lovato. “I don’t know what to really call it but yeah, I’ve called it a breakdown, a meltdown. I went from being at the highlight of my career. Having a movie about to come out or just come out and being on this tour. Having so much success. So many things were going great in my life and then all of the sudden my personal life just went down at crazy speeds. I had a negative break down and it changed my life forever but I’m glad that it did because if I had never gone into the treatment. I don’t know if one, I’d even be sitting here today. Two, if I’d be alive today.”

Of course that still doesn’t answer the question about what part, if any, Joe Jonas played in Lovato’s breakdown. In an August Elle Magazine interview, Demi denied that “Joe Jonas dumping her for Twilight star Ashley Greene” played any part in her psychological collapse. Did she stick to that story on Ellen? Not exactly. While Demi didn’t exactly stick to her denial of the Joe Jonas connection, she didn’t confirm it either. In fact she didn’t mention it specifically at all.

As usual, Hollywood Life conducted a readers’ poll to see what fans believe. Not surprisingly, it was a close call. A slight majority of 51.79 percent of the respondents rejected the idea that Joe Jonas’s affair with Ashley Greene played any part in Demi Lovato’s breakdown. A close 48.21 percent believed the Joe Jonas-Ashley Greene affair was the straw that literally broke Demi’s already fragile mental state.

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